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YouTube Channel Relaunch

Since our conversion to Gracie Barra we have since taken down our old Youtube channel when we were still Champion Academy.  As such, many of our old videos are now inaccessible, but fear not! We are relaunching our Youtube channel under Gracie Barra Mansfield.  Be sure to check out our videos, and subscribe to us… Continue Reading »

Got “Jiu”? What is the “Jiu” in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

While teaching the standup throws portion of a class at Gracie Barra I was trying to communicate to the class ( largely made up of white belts ) the idea of using your opponent’s momentum to set up the opponent for the throw. I paused and asked the class “Does anybody here know what the “jiu”… Continue Reading »

5 Things Jiu-Jitsu Newcomers Should Know

5 Things Jiu-Jitsu Newcomers Should Know

5 Basic Things You Need to Learn about Jiu-Jitsu SO there you are finally deciding to get off your couch and try out that awesome thing that you saw in MMA being shown on primetime TV. You finally said, “hey, my body is a huge mess, and girls dig MMA fighters. Right?” And then you… Continue Reading »

BJJ Lifestyle: Spar and Learn

  Sparring is going against a teammate in a fight, where enough rules are set to avoid injuries. Often sparring is a good way to gauge someone’s skills, especially in BJJ. Now the big question is, should you spar? Or better yet, are you ready to spar? I can still remember the first time I was asked… Continue Reading »