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Professor’s Eleven – BJJ Clinic

11 Black Belts. 7 BJJ Positions.

We are very excited to host a gathering of the finest black belts in the metroplex for, what we believe will be, an unparalleled learning experience! This two-hour long seminar will address the 7 positions of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Mount, Guard, Side Mount, North-South, Modified Mount, Back Mount, Knee-on-Belly) with questions and answers from the perspectives of 11 Jiu Jitsu black belts!

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Starring (in alphabetical order):

  • Gilbert Ariza – RCJ Machado Black Belt – Black Belt under Carlos Machado
  • Herman Chun – Evolution Martial Arts – Black Belt under Carlos Machado
  • Casey Gray – 360 Jiu Jitsu – Black Belt under André Galvão
  • Collin Grayson – Caio Terra Academy – Black Belt under Caio Terra
  • Wafeeq Sabir – Gracie Barra Mansfield – Black Belt under Carlos Machado & David Sullivan
  • Eddie Saenz – Kingdom Jiu-Jitsu – Black Belt under Rafael Lovato Jr.
  • Alejandro Siqueira – Gracie Barra Southlake – Black Belt under Admilson Brites “Juquinha”
  • Mauro Soares – Gracie Barra Tyler – Black Belt under Alexandre de Souza
  • Valerio Ubaldini – Gracie Barra Carrollton – Black Belt under Jefferson Moura
  • Orlando Waugh – Waugh Jiu-Jitsu – Black Belt under Carlos Machado
  • Herman Young – Gracie Barra Mansfield – Black Belt under Carlos Machado & Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhães

Date: Sat. Oct 21
Time: 1:00-3:00 PM
Location:Gracie Barra Mansfield
780 W Debbie Ln. #300
Mansfield, TX 76063

Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu in Mansfield & Arlington Texas
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Winter Holiday Schedule 2014-2015 at Gracie Barra Mansfield

Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Mansfield and Arlington Texas

2014-2015 Winter Holiday Schedule

Students, please refer to the calendar for official closings for the upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holidays. We normally follow the Mansfield ISD schedule for school holidays, but this year we have made the decision to open more days during the holidays. We will still be closing on some days so that staff and instructors can be with their families during the holidays.

Days Marked in Orange are school wide closings.

Important Dates:
November 27 – Thanksgiving Day
December 24 – First Day of Christmas Break
December 29 – Christmas Break ends
December 31 – New Year’s Break
January 5 – New Year’s Break Ends
January 19 – MLK Jr. Day

2014 Winter Holiday Schedule at Gracie Barra Mansfield and Arlington TX

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